Racer Rehab was founded by me, Richard Snieg, offering specialised physical rehabilitation for racers and riders after injury.


Racer Rehab combines my personal passion for motorcycling with my 25 years of professional experience in physical crisis management as a clinical massage therapist.

This gives me a unique understanding of the physical and mental demands on racers.

I’ve been around bikes my entire life, starting with scrambles, then road riding and ultimately track riding with a little amateur racing thrown in too! I spent over 10 years working as a Riding Coach for the California Superbike School but due to work and other life commitments decided to hang up my leathers and had a gap from riding.


Recently I felt I had something missing from my life and that was the buzz you get from riding bikes! So now, I’m proud and privileged to say that I’ve joined the brilliant team at Silverstone as one of their Bike Track day instructors.


Seems obvious now but that rekindled passion has allowed me to reflect on my working experiences and realize that what I do is hugely beneficial to racers and riders.


This led me to launch Racer.Rehab


I’m passionate about getting people back on their feet after injury and my experience and skill has allowed me to provide world class rehabilitation to amateur and professional riders alike.


Having worked with Tom Luthi, Sandro Cortese and Leon Camier in the past I fully understand the physical and mental demands that professional riders are faced with and I’m grateful to have been involved in their rehabilitation.

Racer.Rehab provides ;


Neuromuscular Technique


Myofascial Release Therapy


Clinical Massage Therapy


Exercise Prescription

I’m available for treatment in London and Huntingdon and can also be reached at some BSB rounds if you would like a face to face chat.


So, what I say first to all of my patients is let’s talk about how we can best optimize a recovery strategy for you. Have a look at the contact page and get in touch.




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